The International Myopraktikk Organization 923 268 537 NO

The organization will:

- Promote knowledge, literature and research on myopraktikk.

- Promote good myopraktikk practice.

- Approve teachers, educators, education and practitioners.

- Manage educators and practitioners licenses granted according to the board's criteria.

- Ensure that myopraktors, professional teachers and students act in accordance with good myopraktikk practice by ensuring that involved parties sign a statement of ethics and practice.

"- A COMPLETELY different way of understanding and treating musculoskeletal disorders is what you encounter when you come to the myopraktor.

No high floating stuff, but really concrete. Something familiar, only understood in a new and different way! Understood in a way that is based on international pioneering research from some of the world's foremost anatomists and researchers, on body structure and dynamics.

We are talking about fluid flow, connective tissue and biotensegrity.

Actually a very simple math, which makes you voluntarily to expose yourself to a treatment comparable to anything but a spa treatment.

This is what you pays in the hope of being able to get the result of the treatment immediately, and in the hope of experiencing the muscle tension and the pain releasie before you go out trough the myopraktor's door.

Myopraktikk is thus a one-time treatment that is used by both Olympic participants as well as everyone else, and with results that both relieve pain but which also promotes performance, without long-term treatment arrangements. ’’

Myopraktikk (of (Myo, - Muscle) and (Praktikk, - practitioner)) is a manual treatment. Myopraktikk is based on clinical findings and recent research on connective tissue (fascia), tensegrity, fluid and their central role in muscle tension, dysfunction and pain.

This treatment technique is steadily gaining terrain as a very specific and in depth “crossing” of the musculature, fascia, and structures in the body which are all connected to each another. The immediate effect quite a few experiences makes this basically a one time treatment and one should be able to proceed with normal activity within a short while.

To understand and include the totality of the treatment chain and to connect a vast part of the anatomy provides unforeseen possibilitie to extract fluid pressure, muscle tention and muscle pain throughout the treatment chain.

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